Tournament information

Gothenburg Open is a yearly tournament which has been held since the 1980s. We welcome everyone, no matter if this is your first tournament or if you are a very experienced player. We usually have participants from 10 different countries, many who take the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast. If you are visiting for the first time, do check out this page for suggestions on how to experience our city. A warm welcome to all!

Getting here

Gothenburg is easy to reach by e.g. train or airplane. If you arrive by air to Landvetter Airport (GOT), then you can often get a fairly cheap (ca 10 EUR) ride to the city with the airport coaches (make sure to check they are still going if you arrive very late). You can check the bus timetable and buy tickets here online. Taxi is also an option (ca 50 EUR).


The tournament will, as usual, be played at the chess club at Vegagatan 20 in Gothenburg. There will be coffee, tea available for free during the tourament. Fruit and snacks are possible to buy for a small fee.


There are many hotels and hostels near the venue (see for example It is also possible to sleep at the venue for 100 SEK (10 EUR) per night. We can provide a mattress and a place on the floor. If you want to do this, please tick this box when you register and remember to bring your own sleeping bag or equivalent. There are bathrooms and one shower available to share.

Tournament Teacher: Mateusz Surma 3p

We are very pleased to welcome Mateusz Surma 3 dan pro as tournament teacher. Mateusz has been amongst the top European players for many years. In June 2023 he won the European Professional Championship, and in October he won the Grand Slam tournament, beating the Swedish top player Fredrik Blomback 7D in the final. Mateusz is also dedicated to spreading go; he has written a number of go books and is behind the site which aims to simplify finding go lessons online. During the tournament, Mateusz will be ready to review your game and help you improve!


Friday, November 24:
18-20 Come and play simultaneous games against Mateusz Surma 3p!

Saturday, November 25:
08:45-09:45 Registration
09:50 Opening ceremony
10:00 Round 1
14:00 Round 2
17:00 Round 3
20:00 Lecture by Mateusz Surma 3p: How to improve at Go?

Sunday, November 26:
09:30 Round 4
13:30 Round 5
16:30 or when round 5 is finished: Prize giving and closing ceremony


Five round McMahon tournament.
Fished time: 45 min basic time + 15 seconds per move.
Territory scoring with 6.5 points komi for white.
Only even games. However, if there is a big gap to the weakest double-digit kyu players they may some handicap to avoid completely one-sided games against much stronger opponents.
It is allowed to skip one or more rounds if communicating this in advance to the organizers.
Ties in score within the top group after round 5 will be resolved by SOS.
Results will be reported to the European Go Database.

Registration fee

You can pay either via Swish, Card, Paypal, or Cash - please see the link in the email you get after registering.
The cost varies:
- The normal registration fee is 300 SEK (about 30 EUR).
- Students with student ID, or any player 10 kyu or wearker, pay 150 SEK (about 15 EUR).
- If this is your first live tournament, you play for free!
Note: The Gothenburg Go club is a non-profit organization. None of the organizers are getting paid, and any potential surplus from this tournament will be used - in full - in the organizing of the next year's Gothenburg Open.


Cash prizes are awarded to the top 3 best players.
There are also other prizes (gift cards or similar) to other players who are doing well.

Regulations for fair play

The Gothenburg Open is meant to be a fair tournament, supporting equal opportunities for all players. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to use Go software, such as pattern databases or AI engines, or to gain assistance in any form from other players. Any case of suspected breaking of these rules will be taken seriously. If a player would be found using AI or getting help from other players in their games, they will be disqualified from the tournament and potentially also banned from participating in future tournaments.


If you have any questions or need to reach the tournament organizers, send an email to: gbg.goklubb[at]